Waste Management

EarthOne is redefining the way waste is managed. Our solution combines ultrasonic fill-level Smart Sensors that monitor waste in real-time with the help of sophisticated software. Sensoneo provides both cities and businesses with analytics that can be used for data-driven decision making in the optimization of waste collection routes, pick-up frequencies, and vehicle loads.


Understand the waste you manage


Predict when the bin will be full


Plan the pick-ups in advance


Eliminate the disposal of half-empty and empty bins


See if the bins have actually been emptied


Adjust bin capacity or location


Manage waste smarter and cut costs


Feature and Benefit

Earth One Technology proven solutions reduce waste collection costs by at least 30% and lower carbon emissions in cities up to 60%

The solution combines unique ultrasonic Smart Sensors that monitor waste in real-time using IoT or GSM with sophisticated software (Smart Analytics, Smart Route Planning and Smart Management system)

Providing cities and businesses with data-driven decision making, and optimization of waste collection routes, frequencies and vehicle loads, resulting in overall waste collection cost reduction by at least 30% and carbon emission reduction up to 60% in cities.

Key features:
  • Very low power devices.
  • One device, multiple applications
  • Easy & non-intrusive installation in different scenarios
  • Customized actions: email, SMS, redirection, IFTTT
  • Long battery life
  • Quick activation: NFC, QR code or URL
  • Direct connection to all sensed platform
  • Integration to third party cloud platforms: Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT, AWS Kinetic

Smart Waste Management System

The powerful cloud-based platform enables the customer to configure, monitor and manage daily waste management. In addition to real-time waste monitoring, the tool can also plan the optimal collection routes and semi-automate navigation. The solution is hosted in MS Azure cloud.

Smart Analytics

Our analytics and reporting tool allows users to acquire "Big data" and make data-driven decisions. The tool prepares various types of statistics, reports, and measurements related to monitored bins and their content, pick-up analyses and collection route analyses.

Smart Route Planning

The Smart Route Planning function automates management of waste collection routes based on precise, pre-defined data about fleets, depots, and landfills. It optimizes the use of collection vehicles and FTEs and helps you find the most efficient process in terms of time and costs.

Smart sensors

Sensoneo produces 2 types of ultrasonic sensors that are able to monitor any type of waste in bins of various type and size. They are robust, water and shock resistant and can be connected to all currently available IoT networks and/or GMS. Sensors are designed, developed and manufactured by Sensoneo.

Citizen app

Citizens have access to data from Sensoneo Sensors via the free 'Citizen App' by Sensoneo. The mobile application informs people about waste levels in all monitored bins and enables them to find the nearest available empty bin for specific waste types, including directions to the bins. Available for Android and iOS.

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