Lift Alarm

A tiny device with Sigfox communication, able to transmit signal anywhere without infrastructure required, valid for mobility applications.

Feature and Benefit

  • Very low power devices.
  • One device, multiple applications
  • Easy & non-intrusive installation in different scenarios
  • Customised actions: email, SMS, redirection, IFTTT
  • Long battery life
  • Quick activation: NFC, QR code or URL
  • Direct connection to all sensed platform
  • Integration to third party cloud platforms: Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT, AWS Kinetic

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Earth One Technology LLC Provides innovative solution in Physical Security, Computer Vision Analytics, AI Solutions, and IOT in the United Arab Emirates. We help clients like law enforcement Government agencies and private entities such as Banks, Hotels, Shopping malls, Schools, Universities, Large retailers in meeting their end to end Security and analytics needs.

We partner with some of the best of the global breed companies to bring in these innovative solutions.

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