Container Recognition

We provide intelligent video analytics for better management of Cargo or freight to identify the ISO codes on cargo containers from numerous sides. We implement the most advanced image processing technology with advanced recognition algorithm to detect the codes with high accuracy.

Feature and Benefit

The system improved throughput, turnaround time and can be utilized to locate and track containers in a large facility. It enhances the security of a facility with an automated tracking system. The main features include the smart advanced search capabilities for container codes, external DB connectivity and reporting tools. The search results comprise of snapshots of recognized codes, video sequence and camera information with date, time, location and direction of containers movement.

It has the following applications:

  • Airport/port customs
  • Container yards/depots
  • Logistics management
  • Customs borders
  • Inspection stations

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Earth One Technology LLC Provides innovative solution in Physical Security, Computer Vision Analytics, AI Solutions, and IOT in the United Arab Emirates. We help clients like law enforcement Government agencies and private entities such as Banks, Hotels, Shopping malls, Schools, Universities, Large retailers in meeting their end to end Security and analytics needs.

We partner with some of the best of the global breed companies to bring in these innovative solutions.

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