Behavioural Analytics

Earth One Technology provides situational video analytics suite, a set of advanced video analytics detectors designed to increase situational awareness of operators.

Feature and Benefit

The main tracking kit features are as follows:

  • Object Left Behind - detects objects/packages left behind
  • Loitering - exposes people moving within a controlled area during a long period
  • Crowd - distinguishes large groups of people in open spaces and premises providing an early warning of public unrest and disorder.
  • Intrusion - detects objects that intersect the perimeter of a restricted area.
  • Object Counter - detects and counts objects that intersect a control line (e.g., people, vehicles).
  • Running - detects people moving at speed exceeding a predefined value
  • Dwell Time - detects objects in a defined zone that remain beyond a duration threshold.
  • Line Crossing - detects objects that cross from one side of a specified line to another
  • Wrong Direction - detects objects that move in a direction that is outside the defined trajectory zone

Our Video Analytics solution is useful for many applications across different industries.

  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Digital Security Surveillance
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial Automation and Energy
  • Internet of Things
  • Military, Aerospace, and Government
  • Retail
  • Smart City

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Earth One Technology LLC Provides innovative solution in Physical Security, Computer Vision Analytics, AI Solutions, and IOT in the United Arab Emirates. We help clients like law enforcement Government agencies and private entities such as Banks, Hotels, Shopping malls, Schools, Universities, Large retailers in meeting their end to end Security and analytics needs.

We partner with some of the best of the global breed companies to bring in these innovative solutions.

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