Virtual Assistance / Chatbot Solution

AI applications have evolved at an astonishing pace and are providing incredible value for the businesses to improve their customer experience. Self-service customer support using Chabot and Artificial intelligence (AI) virtual assistance getting more critical to offer cost-effective instant support.

Feature and Benefit

Our AI-based virtual assistance is full-configurable programmable NLP (Natural language processing) solution with pre-populated Q&A content for different businesses.

Its enterprise Conversational AI technology platform with Natural language processing, Virtual dialogues, Omnichannel support and programmable communication make it highly effective for customer interaction.

It's an intelligent self-service solution that handles consumer most repetitive questions at the lowest possible cost and escalates to customer support agents to focus on more complex problem resolution. The solution can be deployed as on-premise or in a private cloud.

The main elements of our Conversational AI virtual assistance solution are as follow
  • Powerful question and intent recognition
  • Rule-based Natural language processing engine
  • Content optimization
  • Excellent user experience with Omni channels support
  • Seamlessly forward to Live Chat or CC agent

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Earth One Technology LLC Provides innovative solution in Physical Security, Computer Vision Analytics, AI Solutions, and IOT in the United Arab Emirates. We help clients like law enforcement Government agencies and private entities such as Banks, Hotels, Shopping malls, Schools, Universities, Large retailers in meeting their end to end Security and analytics needs.

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