Flu Detection

Flu detection is based on the "face recognition + infrared / visible dual-sensor system" powered by our deep learning AI platform. Through dual-light fusion technology, The Technology is capable of bundling and calibrating the infrared temperature measurement results with the face snapshot, automatically generating an alarm when people has high temperature.

The face detection algorithm model is optimized explicitly for limited face exposure during the disease. The forehead area can accurately be identified to achieve accurate temperature measurement. The system can measure the temperature of up to 15 people simultaneously, assisting in screening people with abnormal body temperature in high-density crowds in public areas with non-contact AI-assisted temperature- sensing technologies.

Feature and Benefit

  • Dual-light Face Binding:
  • IR temperature measurement + visible light capture, face snapshot with temperature indication, which is efficient and intuitive

  • Optimized Detection Model:
  • Optimized forehead detection model for detecting the face of people who wear hats and masks, face detection rate >98%

  • Accurate Temperature Sensing:
  • Automatic alarm for high temperature, accuracy is up to ±0.3°C (with a black body) between 30°C~ 45°C

    High Throughput, Fast Response: Simultaneous temperature measurement for up to 15 people, response time <0.5s
    Laptop Deployment: Normal laptop, 1-minute rapid deployment
    Light Scaled, User Friendly: Windows OS, easy to operate

  • Unattended, Always Online:
  • Non-contact temperature screening, 7x24 online

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